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Level V stands for high quality online video. We combine strong concepting with professional execution to create videos that tell compelling stories. We make sure that every video engages viewers from its opening seconds. With 12 years of experience, we create great value by translating your message into strong online video concepts. We'd love you to challenge us with us your thoughts, wishes and needs. Together we will create appealing videos for your target audience that achieve your goals. 

Coming from the world of TV, managing partner Mie Dries brings a unique skill set and experience to the company. That, combined with our young and creative team, means that we deliver high quality video content that is compelling, engaging and matches your vision.


Full Service

In recent years we have completed hundreds of projects and brought a lot of company marketing and communications videos to the next level. Our video concepts are tailor made to spread your messages to your target audiences and to achieve your goals. We love a challenge and want to keep innovating and thinking of new effective ways to achieve your branding goals.


Your vision, combined with our unique skill set, will ensure that your audio/visual communications are of the highest quality - and effective. We don’t only think about the power of co-creation, we act upon it! We work together with you as your (video specialist) partners and colleagues to understand your market, your identity, your tone of voice, and your demands. Combining our knowledge, experience and creativity, we assemble the best ingredients to translate this into strong video concepts that communicate and spread your message(s).


We understand that each video is an investment, and we therefore work hard to ensure that your video is as engaging as possible. It is crucial that your viewers remain fascinated from start to finish. From the start to the end of the project we work together both internally and with you, in order to leverage our knowledge as much as we can. This also helps us to meet your objectives through creative and effective concepts and top notch execution.


We’ve got you covered for a creative perspective and high level of execution. In recent years we have worked for ING, Zilveren Kruis Achmea, EY, TCS, Nouryon and TEDx. We offer tailor made concepts and go the extra mile to make sure that you end up with only the best online videos.


We think in solutions and we always deliver!

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